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Notice: Spring 2012 - This is an archived version of the old ICESS website.
It is maintained here for historical purposes and is very outdated at this point.
Please visit the ERI website.

Notice: Fall 2010 - The Institute for Computational Earth Systems Science (ICESS) and the Institute for Crustal Studies (ICS)
have merged into a new UCSB Organized Research Unit (ORU),
the Earth Research Institute (ERI).

Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology
SBARC: Atmospheric Sciences Research
RESAC: Southern California Wildfire Hazard Center
Environmental Information Laboratory
Amazon Wetlands LBA Study
Biogeography Lab
Terrestrial Biogeochemistry Research
Bermuda BioOptics Project (BBOP)
Santa Barbara Coastal - LTER
Plumes and Blooms Project
Interdisciplinary Oceanography Group
Biogeophysical Processes Group
Flow Fish & Fishing
Micro-Environmental Imaging and Analysis Facility
Global CDOM Project
Ocean Circulation
Ocean Color
MEASURES Ocean Color
Ocean Radiant Heating
Remote Sensing Snow and Soil Moisture
Snow Hydrology Group
LTER Palmer Station, Antarctic

The Institute for Computational Earth System Science(ICESS), located on the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, provides an environment in which Earth and computer science are strongly coupled. Our focus is on research and graduate education in Earth sciences, with emphasis on processes governing the environmental optics of the Earth.