Earth Research Institute Seminars


Seminars are held in the Earth Research Institute Conference room, 6824 Ellison Hall

12/3/10 - Chris Funk - "Thermodynamic Changes in the Indian Monsoon Circulation"
             - Park Williams- "Possible causes of declining spring and summer rainfall in the Greater Horn of Africa"

11/18/10 - Lorraine Lisiecki - "Reconstructing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels for the last 1.5 million years using gradients in marine carbon isotopes"

11/05/10 - Dr. Francis Fujioka,  US Forest Service - "Fire Danger Rating to Fire Risk Assessment: the Road Ahead"

11/05/10 - Diego Pedreros and Pete Peterson - "FEWS NET FCLIM, TRMM and Infrared precipitation Pentads (FTIPP) - FEWS NET precipitation modeling for food security monitoring"

10/28/10 - John Cottle - "Quantifying the transition from orogen-normal to orogen-parallel crustal flow in the Himalaya"

10/14/10 - Alex Simms - "Controversies Regarding the Holocene Sea-Level History of the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico"

10/1/10 - David Danielson and David Gomberg from the National Weather Service - "Fire Weather Decision Support in Southern California"

9/14/10 - Nathan Hodas, Department of Physics, Caltech - "Complex Systems Seminar: Reflecting on Collaboration"

5/26/10 - Chris Sorlien - "Thrust-related folding, tilting, and vertical motions along transform plate boundaries: California Inner Borderland and Haiti"

5/20/10 - Sandra Seale -  "Pore Pressure Response to Strong Ground Motion at the NEES Permanently-Instrumented Field Sites"

2/18/10 - Ed McCauley, NCEAS director - "Proposal for an Environmental Synthesis Center, in response to the recent call from NSF"

2/11/10 - Charles Jones - "Forecast skill of synoptic conditions associated with Santa Ana winds in southern California"

1/28/10 - Bodo Bookhagen - "Climate Change and the hydrologic budget of the Himalaya: Impact of snow, glaciers, and rainfall"

1/21/10 - Carter Ohlmann - "Surface currents in the Santa Barbara Channel: Relative dispersion observations and Lagrangian modeling with HF radar"

1/14/10 - David Siegel - "The Ocean's Mesoscale, its Impacts on Pelagic Ecosystems and How Satellite Viewing Changed (Created?) Interdisciplinary Oceanography"

11/23/09 - Daniel Lavallee - “On the stochastic modeling of earthquake sources and radiated seismic waves"
11/9/09 - Charles Jones - “Bridging weather and climate variability: observations and forecasts of extreme precipitation

11/2/09 - Jamison Steidl - "The NEES@UCSB Permanently Instrumented Field Site program"

6/16/09 -  Tihomir Kostadinov - "Phytoplankton Functional Types via the Particle Size Distribution from Space"

5/19/09 - Charles Jones -  "When hell broke loose: the sundowner event during May 2009"

4/16/09 - David Antoine - "Basin-scale decadal oscillations of global-ocean phytoplankton"

3/3/09 - Charles Jones -  "The Madden-Julian Oscillation"

1/6/09 - Clarissa Anderson - "From California to the Chesapeake Bay and back:  Using regionally downscaled products to forecast harmful algal blooms"

12/2/08 - Joseph McFadden - Quantifying the carbon budget of developed land

11/25/08 - Michael Colee and Darla Sharp - ICESS Computing Updates

11/18/08 - Julie McAbee - Ergonomics in the workplace (bring your chair!)

11/13/08 - Jim McWilliams (UCLA) - Phenomena and Dynamical Concepts for Mesoscale and Submesoscale Variability in the Ocean

6/3/08 - Stéphane Maritorena - The GSM bio-optical model: applications and new developments

5/20/08 - Sally MacIntyre -  Arctic Lakes are Seives: Will Climate Warming Close the Pores?

5/15/08 - Bodo Bookhagen - High-resolution TRMM rainfall, ENSO, orographic barriers, and topographic relief variations along the eastern Andes

5/13/08 - Charles Jones - Santa Ana winds in southern California

5/6/08 - Bill O'Hirok -  The impact of dust aerosols on ocean color remote sensing and on Atlantic Ocean sea surface temperature: A two for one special!

4/29/08 - Lydia Ries -  A dynamic species modeling approach to assessing impacts from climate change on vegetation

4/22/08 - Scott O'Daniel - A simple model to trace subsurface flowpaths through an semi-arid alluvial floodplain

4/8/08 – Clive Dorman, SDSU and SIO/UCSD - Fast Winds and Cold Water: California's Wind Driven Upwelling Hot Spots

4/8/08 – Kyle Cavanaugh - Giant Kelp Canopy Cover and Biomass Estimates from High Resolution SPOT Imagery off Santa Barbara, California

3/11/08  Satoshi Mitarai  - Larval Dispersal In The Turbulent Coastal Ocean: Dynamics And Impacts

2/26/08  Norm Nelson - CDOM dynamics in the global ocean: Latest results from the Global CDOM Project.

2/21/08  Uta Passow - The flux of carbon through the ocean:  What drives it now and in the future?

2/19/08  Dave Siegel - Chlorophyll Sucks

2/12/08  Bram Sercu - Microbial source tracking and human fecal pollution in urban Santa Barbara creeks

2/5/08    Melanie Fewings - Cross-Shelf Heat Transport Over the Inner Continental Shelf of the Northeastern U.S., or, Why Swimming at Cape Cod is Not as Warm as in the Gulf of Mexico

1/29/08  JC Shi - Development Microwave Vegetation Indices and Comparison with NDVI and LAI

1/22/08   Dr. Stephen Katz, research coordinator of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary - Long-distance climate teleconnection deciphered with non-stationary, long-term environmental data from Lake Baikal, Siberia

11/27/07 Charles Dong, Assistant Researcher, UCLA - Multiple-Scale Variability in the Southern California Bight Current System

6/12/07  Dr. David Antoine - Some recent achievements of the BOUSSOLE time series project (bio-optics and ocean color cal/val)

5/31/07  David Noone, Assistant Professor of Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder - The role of water transport and exchange in the climate system

5/17/07  Martí Boada Junca, Geography Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at the Universitat Autónoma (Barcelona) - Global Change in the Tordera's River Basin

5/8/07    Amala Mahadevan, Research Associate Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at Boston University -  Using ocean process models to enhance interpretation of satellite data

2/27/07  Carl Schueler - Earth Science and Applications from Space: National Imperatives for the Next Decade and Beyond

1/12/07    Paul Berkman -  Environmental Policy Knowledge Management and Discovery

6/21/06    Tiho Kostadinov -  Semi-analytical bio-optical modeling and carbon-based phytoplankton physiology and primary productivity estimates from space.

6/16/06     David A. Siegel - SPOT Update

6/15/06     J. Carter Ohlmann - A Lagrangian View of the California Current System

5/31/06     Clarissa Anderson - Harmful Ditaom Blooms in the Santa Barbara Channel: From Field Observations to Predictive Models

5/10/06      Yi Zheng - Incorporating uncertainty in the process of watershed water quality management

4/18/06      Heidi Nepf, MIT Professor, MIT - Flow Though Aquatic Vegetation

3/14/2006    Scott O'Daniel - Multi-scale assessment of hyporheic flow and stream temperature dynamics in Columbia River Tributaries  

3/7/2006      Carter Ohlmann - Interpretation of coastal HF radar derived surface current data  

2/28/2006    Victoria Broje - Optimization of mechanical oil spill recovery in marine environments  

10/18/2005  David Siegel and Darla Sharp - SPOT at UCSB Roll-out    

8/9/2005      Carl F Schueler, Chief Scientist, Raytheon Santa Barbara Remote Sensing, NASA's Glory Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor (APS)

8/5/2005      (Special date) Thomas Painter - Radiative and hydrologic impacts of desert dust deposits to alpine snow

7/26/2005    Toby Westberry (Dissertation defense)  Remote sensing of the cyanobacterium Trichodesmium

7/12/2005    Paul Ricchiazzi, Results from the ARM Aerosol Intensive Observation Period

6/21/2005    Piet Verburg (NCEAS), The effect of climate warming on the circulation and productivity in Lake Tanganyika, a large tropical lake

6/14/2005     James Wilson, Safe PC's in a Dangerous World

6/7/2005      Michael Singer, Event-based washload transport and sedimentation in and around flood bypasses: Case study from the Sacramento Valley, California                

5/31/2005    Greg Janee, National Geospatial Digital Archive

5/24/2005    Bill O'Hirok, Every Photon Counts: Another dimension in representing cloud-radiative interactions within climate models                     

5/17/2005    Chris Still, Fog in the Channel Islands: Ecosystem Inputs and Consequences         

5/10/2005    Catherine Gautier, The use of a research model (SBDART) to teach about climate change

5/3/2005      David Stoms, Integrated coastal reserve planning: making the land-sea connection

4/26/2005    Ryan Johnson of TerraImage, SPOT Imagery

Special date/time:  Thursday, April 21st, at 1:00 - Kenneth Eggert from Los Alamos National Laboratory,  Application of a   continental scale river modeling framework to the Purus River Basin – a major tributary of the Amazon River

4/19/2005    Sally MacIntyre, Turbulence at Interfaces: Implications for Biogeochemistry and Ecology            

4/12/2005    JC Shi, A Concept Study for Snow Satellite Development

4/5/2005      Chris Funk, Observed patterns of precipitation and NDVI change in Ethiopia

3/22/2005    Spring break                     

3/15/2005    Frew, Dr. Frew goes to Washington

3/8/2005      David A. Siegel, NASA Strategic Roadblocks

6/4/04      James Wilson, New High Performance Computing Environment for ICESS - the beta release

5/28/04    TBD

5/21/04    Greg Janeé, Goals and challenges in georeferenced digital libraries

5/14/04    Ed Mehlschau, The Hacked Holidays: A Review of Recent Computer Security Issues

5/7/04      Chao Luo, How Important the Dust Temporal Variability Are

4/30/04    Cancelled – ICESS Staff week party at 1:30

4/23/04    Claudia Tyler, Threats to California’s Foothill Oak Woodlands: Stand Loss and Recruitment Limitations

4/16/04    Matt Thomas, How to measure Saharan dust properties without getting dirty.  Matt will also make and serve cryocream (ice cream made in 3 minutes with liquid nitrogen) in the last 10 minutes for everyone to sample

4/9/04      Tiho Kostadinov, Evaluating Optical Closure Of The Plumes And Blooms In-Situ Optical Dataset

4/2/04      Raj Bose, Composing and conveying data lineage to support computational Earth system science

3/9/04      Dave Schimel of the Climate & Global Dynamics Division of UCAR, Carbon in the mountains  (Tuesday) 

2/27/04    Scott O'Daniel, Hyporheic flow as a mechanism for variation in stream temperature

2/19/04    Leila Vespoli de Carvalho, Can tropical and subtropical variations of convection and circulation play a role in the natural variability of the Antarctic Oscillation and the ozone hole?

1/30/04    Norm Nelson, Distribution of CDOM in the North Atlantic

1/23/04    Brian Emery, Do Oil and Gas Platforms off California Affect the Fate of Recruiting Boccacio? An Analysis Based On HF Radar Derived Surface Trajectories

1/9/04      Dave Siegel, Colored DOM and DMS

11/21/03  Brice Loose, Saline intrusion on the Rio Maipo estuary, Chile; modeling and field data

11/14/03  Elizabeth Becker, Estimating densities and numbers of marine mammals at sea in the Southern California Bight using historic and recent survey data

6/13/03    ICESS Town Meeting

5/30/03    Stephane Maritorena, Satellite Ocean Color Data Merging

5/23/03    Andy Ballantine, Sources of Large Dust Storms in the Sahara Desert: What Do They Look Like?

5/16/03    Natalie Senyk, Using remotely sensed data to map kelp habitat and persistence

5/2/03      Toby Westberry, Remote Sensing of the marine cyanobacterium Trichodesmium: Why, how, and who cares?

4/25/03    Jon Klamberg, One-Dimensional Open-Ocean CDOM Modeling: How and Why?

4/18/03    Wendy Meiring, Ozonesonde Evidence of Mid-Latitude Stratospheric Ozone Variability on the QBO Time Scale

4/11/03    David Stoms, The Biogeography Lab: Who Are These Guys?

3/14/03    Cynthia  Cudaback, Internal Waves in the Santa Barbara Channel and on the North Carolina Coast

3/7/03      Diane Schweizer, Assessment of Student Learning from Geography 135: Mock Environmental Summit

2/28/03    David Siegel, Global CDOM Cycling

2/21/03    James Frew, Something we'll all find really interesting

2/14/03    JC Shi, Introduction to The Hydrosphere State Mission

2/7/03      Dar Roberts, The Southern California Wildfire Hazard Center

1/31/03    Edwin Beckenbach, A high-frequency radar view of wind driven circulation in the Santa Barbara Channel

1/17/03    Pete Peterson, Knight of the Rising Sun: A Portrait of Daisaku Ikeda

1/10/03    Pete Peterson, Gandhi King Ikeda: Community Builders

11/15/02  Chao Luo, How well can we simulate global dust?

11/8/02    Paul Ricchiazzi, The clear sky absorption mystery: evidence for spooky aerosol properties

11/1/02    Erika McPhee-Shaw, Inner-shelf observations from the Santa Barbara Channel LTER

10/25/02  Bill O'Hirok, Nature has it wrong: A socio-radiative study of the cloud absorption problem

10/18/02  Carter Ohlmann, Observing the Coastal Ocean Circulation

9/27/02    Charles Jones, Regional modeling applications to wildfire monitoring

9/20/02    Norm Nelson, Dynamics of CDOM across the subtropical gyre

9/13/02    Dave Siegel, NSF ITR

9/6/02      Bill Shaw, Mixing in Lake Tahoe