Contours of Marine Snow, May-June 1996 (click to explore)May 31-June 1
Contour plots of marine snow and sigma-t for diurnal study 
on 31 May to1 June 1996.  Highest abundances of marine snow follow
isopycnals (click here) suggesting that the marine snow has sunk
to a depth with water of an equivalent density (sigma-t) is 
between 21.2 and 21.6 kg/m3.
 SlowDROP profiling package (click to explore)Instrumentation 

Critical Scales and Thin Layers Program 


East Sound, Washington   

1998 Field Season 

June 12-13Isotherm deepening from internal waves (click to explore)   
Isotherm displacements in the pycnocline from 12-13 June 1998.  
(click on figure for more figures and results). 

June 16 

June 20 Tracor Acoustic Profiling System (TAPS)-click to explore 1998 results 
East Sound Field Site  

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