• Sally MacIntyre, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Javier Vidal, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Ted Tedford, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Brian Emery, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Scott Miller, University of Albany
  • Matt Czikowsky, University of Albany
  • Patrick Crill, University of Stockholm
  • Janne Karlsson, University of Umea
  • Eric Lundin, University of Umea
  • Warwick Vincent, University of Laval
  • Isabelle Laurion, University of Laval
  • Nahavandian Isfahani Somayeh, University of Laval
  • Martin Wik, Stockholm University
  • Brett Thornton, Stockholm University
  • David Bastviken, Linkoping University
  • Bruce Forsberg, INPA
  • Julio Tota, State University of Amazonas


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Last update: Sept 2013
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