Intro to Marine Resources - Geography 158

Professor and Teaching Assistant:

    Dave Siegel (Email:; Phone: 4547; Office: Ellison 6844 ; OH's: W2-3 & F4-5)

      TA: Tom Bell (; Office: Ellison 5842; OH: XX-X or by appt.)

Meeting Times:

            Lecture:  MW 2:00 to 3:15  Ellison 2609

            Disc 1 – M 3:30 to 5:00 same place

Course Description:

A systematized introduction to marine resources focusing on the physical and biological environment of the California Current and our interactions with it.  Resource topics to be covered include fishery management, marine reserves, pollution, recreation, and agency interactions.  Several lectures will be presented by outside experts.



Grading will be based on success on examinations and a project completed in the discussion sections.  The midterm will count 30%, the final will be 40% and discussion/lecture participation and project will count 30%. 

Lecture Notes:

     January 9                Lecture 1    Introduction & Scales 

     January 11              Lecture 2    Seawater & Geostrophy                                 Online reading      More readings

     January 18              Lecture 3     Ekman Transport & CA Current circulation   Online reading

     January 23              Lecture 4     Nutrients and Phytoplankton Productivity      Online reading    More readings

     January 25              Lecture 5     El Nino / Southern Oscillations                      McPhaden 97/98 review

     January 30              Lecture 6     Interannual Variability and the PDO                  PDO_paper    Online reading   NWFS PDO Salmon website

     February 1              Lecture 7     Zooplankton                                                       McGowan     Ryther Science Paper

     February 6              Lecture 8     MPA’s                                                    Cal Fish & Game MLPA Website      Lessons Learned from the MLPA

     February 8              Lecture 9     Food Webs to Fish   Downwelling                Chavez        

     February 13            Lecture 10   Climate Fish                                                      Chavez 

     February 15            Midterm                      

     February 22            Lecture 11 - Kelp Forests (Kyle Cavanaugh)

     February 27            Lecture 12  Fishing    Fishery Management                           Readings    More Readings   Sardine FMP  Tragedy of the commons

     February 29            Lecture 13  Fishing & Food Webs                              Myers & Worm     Fishing down food webs    Historical Overfishing      

     March 5                  Lecture 14 – Charismatic Megafauna   Pollution                   Readings   More Readings

     March 7                  Lecture 15 – Oil                                                                     Readings   More readings

     March 12                Lecture 15 – Pollution Management    Boxes                                    

     March 15                Final Presentations…