Dennis C. Odion

Assistant Researcher (Vegetation Ecologist)

Institute for Computational Earth Systems Science

University of California

Santa Barbara, Ca. 93106





Departments of Biology and Environmental Studies

Southern Oregon University

Ashland, OR. 97520


Home address:

670 Morton St.

Ashland, OR. 97520

541 552-9624


Curriculum Vita


Research interests I am especially interested in the formation of vegetation patterns, both the underlying causes of patterns and the characteristics of the patterns themselves.  My interests encompass structural and floristic patterns at local to biogeographic scales.  I have primarily studied fire as a cause of vegetation patterns, but also have studied desert wetlands, which are strongly structured by hydrology and soil chemistry.  I am also interested in species diversity and rarity.  The question of how to manage for diversity and rare species that may depend on fire or other natural disturbances is one I have enjoyed wrestling with.




Ph.D. Department of Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara. 1995. 

M.A. Department of Biological Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara. 1984.

B. A. Department of Biological Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara. 1982.


Selected Publications


Odion, Dennis C. and Chad Hanson. 2008. Fire severity in the Sierra Nevada revisited: conclusions robust to further analysis.  Ecosystems, in press. DOI: 10.1007/s10021-007-9113-0.

Odion, Dennis C. and Daniel A. Sarr. 2007. Managing disturbance regimes to maintain biodiversity in forested ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.  Forest Ecology and Management 246: 57-65. pdf.

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Odion, Dennis C. and Chad T. Hanson.  2006.  Fire severity in the conifer forests in the Sierra Nevada, California.  Ecosystems 9: 1177-1189.

Moritz, Max A. and Dennis C. Odion.  2005. Examining the strength and possible causes of the relationship between fire history and Sudden Oak Death.  Oecologia 144:106-114. pdf.

Moritz, Max A. and Dennis C. Odion. 2004. Prescribed fire and natural disturbance. Science 306: 1680. pdf.

Odion, Dennis C., James R. Strittholt, Hong Jiang, Evan J. Frost, Dominick A. DellaSala, and Max A. Moritz.  2004. Patterns of Fire Severity and Forest Conditions In the Western Klamath Mountains, California.  Conservation Biology 18: 927-936.

Odion, Dennis C. and Claudia M. Tyler.  2002.  Are long fire-free periods needed to maintain the rare, fire recruiting shrub Arctostaphylos morroensis (Ericaceae)?  Conservation Ecology 6: 4.

Odion, Dennis C. and Evan J. Frost  2002. Protecting Objects of Scientific Interest in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument: Status, Threats and Management Recommendations. World Wildlife Fund, Klamath-Siskiyou Regional Program, Ashland, OR.

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